Paul Okoye laments, “I don wash plate tire,” the difficulty of handling household tasks without servants abroad.

Paul Okoye, a well-known singer from Nigeria, laments the difficulties he faces when cooking and doing household duties alone overseas and the frequent mishaps that occur at home.

The singer, who is a part of P-Square, recently shared his struggles when visiting his children in the United States during a live Instagram session.

Paul Okoye claims that living overseas is entirely different from living in Nigeria, especially since there are no delegates available to help with household tasks.

Paul disclosed that during his stay, he acquired new skills in cooking, cleaning, dishwashing, and other areas, but his biggest challenge remains preventing cuts from knives.

He acknowledged that all of the scars on his hand, which were numerous, came from knives while doing the dishes.

The musician was seen preparing meals for his family in a number of videos posted to his Instagram story.

โ€œI don wash wash plate, Plate don wash me. I dey throway trash, dey sweep; knife don cut cut my hand. These knives dey target my hand. Thank God I dey do grocery shopping online but shey I fit wash plate online? I don learn how to cook stew by force by fire. Omo dey where you dey wey dem no your skill, if you come here ehn, O.Y.O (On Your Own),โ€ he stated partly.

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