“People in this entertainment industry are envious and evil; it’s such a dark industry.” — Uche Ogbodo

Uche Ogbodo, a Nollywood actress, has expressed her disgust on social media about the industry insiders’ pervasive jealousy and hatred.

This is in response to her colleague Uche Elendu’s public inquiry, which raised awareness of social perceptions of marriage and single parenthood.

Uche Elendu asked parents if they would be okay with their well-educated young boys getting married to single moms.

This question started a social media discussion

Uche Ogbodo expressed her concerns about the widespread negativity and jealousy she sees among people in the entertainment industry on her Instagram story in reaction to this conversation and her observations in the field.


She bemoaned the gloom that she felt pervaded the sector because of the existence of “vile, envious, and evil” people.

Uche Ogbodo encouraged her peers to treat each other with greater positivity and support.


She underlined the value of wishing for one’s own benefits as well as honoring the accomplishments of others.


She voiced her dismay at the lack of congratulations and goodwill among industry people, stressing that positivism and support from one another could result in everyone’s prosperity and personal development.

In her words;


“Tufiakwa! This entertainment industry is so Dark cos people in it are so vile, envious, and Evil. Happy for somebody so that good things can come to you too nah! Congratulate the person nah then pray for your own grace. Mtcheeeew! What do I know? Shey I Dey my own lane. Plenty Questions never fills up a basket! Wishing you have what others have but you don’t want to be good enough to get it.”


See below;

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