Prophet gives a frightening revelation and cautions AY Makun and his wife Mabel about their daughter.

Regarding their daughter, AY Makun and his wife Mabel Makun have received a strong warning from renowned prophet Abel Tamunominabo Boma.

Online speculation has suggested that AY and Mabel’s separation was the result of a growing marital discord.

AY Makun said on Sunday that none of them is really innocent and that his 20-year marriage is “slipping off” his hands.

Pastor Abel has made unexpected remarks in response to the turbulent marital situation in Ay’s home, suggesting that the root of their conflict lies in a long-kept secret between them.

The preacher asserted that he had seen, through divine revelation, an enormous battle and likely error that would impact their sixteen-year-old daughter, Michelle Makun.

He underlined the critical necessity for both parents to come together and stop this approaching disaster.

Pastor Abel made a sincere request to Mabel, highlighting the importance of forgiveness and the spiritual tension in their marriage, asking her to make amends with her husband and move back into their home.

The cleric stressed that maintaining their connection is crucial for the stability of AY’s future and the well-being of their daughter, and he asked AY to take decisive action to mend and deepen their marriage.

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