Super Falcons end 16-year streak to qualify for Paris tournament in 2024 Olympics

Nigeria’s Super Falcons have advanced to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris after defeating the South African ladies 1-0 overall.

The first leg of the match took place in Abuja last week, with the Nigerian women defeating Bayana Bayana 1-0.

With poise and composure, Captain Rasheedat Ajibade scored from the spot to give the Nigerian team a lead going into the second leg.

At the second meeting at Pretoria, South Africa, the Super Falcons persevered and held their hosts to a goalless draw.

In the end, Nigeria gained from the match, even if neither team was able to break the impasse in the capital city on Tuesday night.

For the first time since 2008, Nigerian women have now qualified for the Olympics.

The girls of Randy Waldrum have not yet taken home an Olympic medal; their best performance came in 2004’s quarterfinals.

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