Queeneth Hilbert’s response to being criticized for a racy movie scene

Nollywood actress Queeneth Hilbert recently addressed the criticism around a clip she published on social media from one of her films.

She is seen dancing vivaciously with a male at what looks to be a raucous party in the video. Both fans and other celebs had mixed reactions to the video.

@Davidakajiku:Queeneth i don’t know what to tell you if your son come in contact with this what will be your talk to him”.

@Ruthyylovyyyy: “Thought u are married ma ,no be every role u supposed d act na”.

@Blue_quing: “What about your child ma what if he sees it ?”.

In response to a netizen who asked if Queeneth thought her child would see the video, Queeneth answered.

She penned:“@bleu_qing He has seen worse and he understands my Job let’s discuss about money please!”

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