Regina Daniel Boasts, “My Husband na Odogwu”


Regina Daniels recently called her husband Ned Nwoko a “odogwu” and listed some of his exceptional qualities in an interview.

She claims that Ned does not want her to engage in any demanding activities.

The nice things he does online only make up a small portion of what he does in real life, she revealed in the BBC pidgin interview.

Regina Daniels claimed that he gets angry and tries to talk her out of cooking for the family every time she makes that decision because he wants her life to be simple.

The mother of two added that he makes sure to get whatever she asks for every time.

Regina Daniels does not mind that she is a polygamist because she is loved and cared for by her husband.

They have a regulation that states that one parent must stay with the children while she has work, so she notifies him in advance and he cancels all of his previous commitments to stay with the kids.

The 23-year-old continued, “I have a very comfortable life, a loving husband, and my children have a good father.”

Watch her talk below:

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