Rita Dominic and her spouse Fidelis Participate in the “Pluto Dance” Challenge

Online attention has been drawn to Nollywood actress Rita Dominic and her spouse, Fidelis Anosike, for their amazing dance routines.

The power couple was recently seen in a video at what appeared to be an event, doing the “Pluto Dance.”

Rita Dominic and her spouse carried out the dance’s needed back-and-forth motion while delicately holding onto each other’s clothing.



Reacting to the post:


@stevechuks_ wrote: “She’s always been an amazing stepper”

@veevogee wrote: “Waiting for a person that makes you feel seen, heard, understood, supported and loved is worth the wait. I love them.”

@patonyin wrote: “Why’s she moving so smooth like that.”

@adestitoali wrote: “Marry someone you can play, mingle and flex with…Marriage is sweet when you marry someone you are free with.”

@maryjane wrote: “Yall see why she stayed until she PICKED her husband? Yeahhhh Don’t settle Ladies

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