Zinoleesky is seen punching bus driver who allegedly begged him for money.


Zinoleesky, a well-known artist, is seen beating a man who behaved negatively in a video that has gone viral.

A X user claimed to have been a passenger in the driver’s bus who was punched by the singer, and he stated that the driver stopped his car and hurried to ask Zinoleesky for money as soon as he saw Zinoleesky’s convoy.

The singer was upset to see him clutching his vehicle.

Feeling irritated, Zinoleesky hurriedly got out of his car and punched the man in the cheek.

Then someone else got in the way and shoved the driver aside.

The netizen shared the essence in a post:

I took Korope on my way to Lekki this evening.

We saw Zinoleesky’s convoy on the road.

Werey driver parked bus in the middle of the road to go beg for money. Zino come down, give Driver blow for mouth.

Watch video here

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