“Side chicks are reaping the benefits; most wives are just nannies.” – Blessing CEO

The controversial relationship therapist Blessing CEO has caused a sensation in the community by claiming that many spouses in today’s society are relegated to the job of housekeepers, with their husbands’ social circles benefiting from this arrangement.

Dismissively,  Blessing CEO challenged the widely-held assumption among women that their husbands married them because of some special quality they possessed, saying that this is not at all true.

She said, partially, “A man does not see anything in you, that’s a big lie, a blatant lie.”

Speaking in the capacity of a purported licensed relationship therapist, the CEO of Blessing noticed a concerning trend: a lot of married women find themselves handling home duties, taking care of their kids, and essentially serving as live-in nannies.

Their spouses are said to lavish their “side chicks” with financial advantages and affection in the meantime.


In her words;

That when a man marries you, there is something he sees in you. A man does not see anything in you, that’s a big lie, a blatant lie. I’m going to tell you as certified relationship therapist, a lot of wives today are just nannies. Yes, all you’re doing is babysitting and carrying children to school. Side chics are enjoying the benefits. You just have two big rings in your hand and you just have a miserable title. Some men marry you, keep you as a furniture and you are useless in the house.”


Watch her speak here


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