“I need guinea fowl” – Davido exclaims.


Davido, a well-known Afrobeat artist, has generated a lot of buzz on social media following his unexpected disclosure regarding his new passion: guinea fowl.

The multi-award-winning artist attracted the attention of his large following and fan base by using his Twitter (X) page to express his urgent desire for the bird.

Davido stated, “I need guinea fowl right now so bad,” in a post.

Fans and followers were quick to respond to the unexpected plea, with many ready to help or share their own collection of guinea fowls.

Images and proposals from people claiming to have guinea hens for sale or adoption deluged Davido’s post’s comment area.

In an effort to get the artist’s attention and grant his request, fans and followers went to tremendous measures to photograph their birds in different environments and display them.

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