Social media celebrity battles are typically staged – Nkechi Blessing

Diligent Actress Nkechi Blessing, of Nollywood According to her, celebrities just engage in online feuds in order to gain influence.

In a recent interview with Hip TV, she revealed that several celebrities utilize it as a publicity gimmick for a song or project they intend to promote.

Nkechi Blessing claims that she ignores and stays out of celebrity fights when she witnesses them online because she knows that sometimes the celebrities arrange the “fight.”

According to Nkechi Blessing:

“My thoughts on celebrities bashing each other on the Internet, I feel it’s some form of publicity stunt. By the time they come out on social media to exchange words, is either they have a new single coming up or they’re about to drop a song.

“So most times when I see celebrities fighting online, I just walk away because most times we sit down and plan these things.

“Sometimes, it’s not actually bad blood. As I said they might want to release a single so they will need all the clout and engagements to get their songs out there in your faces. So that’s it literally.”

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