“You can afford deodorant if you can afford BBL.”- Uriel Oputa chastises colleagues over their in body odor

Reality TV personality Uriel Oputa has voiced her opinions on social media about those who get Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBLs) but don’t follow basic cleanliness protocols.

Prolific speaker Uriel Oputa voiced her worries about the disparity between spending money on cosmetic surgery and ignoring personal cleanliness.

Uriel Oputa bemoaned on her social media page that she had come across an instance in which a physically appealing woman had given off an unsettling smell in a number of posts.

She questioned the reasoning behind putting one’s outward appearance ahead of basic hygiene and other self-care routines.

The reality TV personality underlined the need of wearing deodorants to prevent body odor and the significance of cleansing one’s body.

Uriel stated on social media, she wrote;

 “Pls if you can afford BBL, Pls also afford deodorant Because the smell coming from this beautiful woman is So foul… How can you focus on just the physical? Such a shame. Such a pretty girl… sist of polipe nea detox their bodies… Can’t be looking like a Baddie, Then smelling like Frank, after working out for 2 nights without showering.”



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