The late Junior Pope’s cousin shares what the actor told him prior to his passing.

Actor Junior Pope’s cousin, Mr. Agu, has revealed new information regarding the talk he had with the star before his untimely death.

Mr. Agu said in a recent interview that he had a meeting with Junior Pope during his filming in Enugu.

Junior Pope talked about his many goals and aspirations during their meeting. His primary objective was to launch his own production firm.

He was a source of inspiration and vision for the local populace.

He told me that in order to develop new talent in the Nsukka area, he would like to start a local film industry.

Mr. Agu gave an explanation of his blood tie with him. “Junior Pope is my distant cousin. We both belong to the Umu Oyogu family in Ukehe and I am from Aku, both in Igbo Etiti LGA. Enugu State.

“I knew Junior Pope very well. As cousins, we would meet at family gatherings at Prof. Pat Ngwu’s villa in Ukehe. As a member of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), we would also meet at film locations in Enugu and Asaba.”

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