“You only perform at your family gatherings” – response to Cuppy’s assertion that her DJing fees are high.

Florence Otedola, better known by her stage as DJ Cuppy, recently revealed to her fans that one of her favorite pastimes is working as a disc jockey.

Though she has a variety of interests, she has made it known on social media that becoming a DJ is her first passion.

She stressed in a tweet that although she loves being a DJ the most, her services are not inexpensive.

“Out of ALL the many things I do, being a DJ is STILL my favorite! Sadly, I do perform less these days because I’m just SO expensive. My new booking rates are higher than my beats per minute”, she said.

Cuppy gained notoriety when she went to an event hosted by Vogue magazine with well-known boxer Anthony Joshua.

Many people complimented them on how well they matched each other, and many expressed gratitude for how they looked in the pictures.

Several remarks are listed below:

@ugo_himself: “Aside from performing in your family gathering, you do ever perform for a standard event before?”

@s_anshika1: “The doors of success open only for those who have the strength to knock them.”

@AlexanderKing4L: “You go just dey narrate wetin nobody ask you.”

@D_real_Ranky: “How do you feel without a man by ur side??”

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