Timini Egbuson disables X in response to uproar when a derogatory tweet regarding Unilag girls reappears.

Following the resurfacing of one of his old tweets on social media, well-known Nigerian film actor Timini Egbuson began to make waves.

In 2011, the star of Tribe Called Judah posted a post on his X page explaining how to attract University of Lagos (Unilag) girls into your bed.

The 36-year-old actor stated that bringing up a boat cruise is the key to enticing a Unilag hottie to sleep with a man. His previous tweet claims that the trick functions like magic.

Timini Egbuson wrote:

Unilag babes will off pant for you immediately you mention boat cruise… It’s like magic!!.”

But the movie star turned to deleting his Twitter page not long after Timini’s previous message went viral and he began to gain popularity as a result.

The Nollywood star’s post from 13 years ago sparked a lot of responses from Nigerians, some of whom treated him with dignity. Many of them pointed out that at the time he posted the post, he was much younger. See a few of their remarks below:


Madubukoceci: “Y’all should remember he made that post 13yrs ago.”

Iam__ayaoba: “2011 was a long time ago. He was young!! Y’all should cut him some slack.”

mokya_scents: “Timini doesn’t act his age at all.”

Nuel_la_nigzx: “I hope Y’all can see it’s 2011 right?? Cause looking at grown people just jump to comment without observing well is funny..”

maazigents: “Ah ah Una no Dey see date? These women he didn’t still lie.”

mundanequeen_: “Can you all allow timini rest?”

sanni_j.o: “C’mon 2011. Move on guys.”

Mamasitah_: “But this was 2011,let’s see y’all old tweets,bring it on.”

wickcityng: “That’s 13yrs ago. Please Forgive.”

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