Until they arrest Bobrisky, I’ll keep calling out lawmakers and law enforcement. Verydarkman speaks while presenting facts and proof.

Well-known Nigerian activist Martins Vincent Otse, popularly known as Verydarkman, has chastised Nigerian police once more for not apprehending Bobrisky despite allegations of breaking the law.

Remember that yesterday afternoon, Bobrisky and VeryDarkMan got into a heated dispute. During the argument, the activist stated that the police are reluctant to arrest Bobrisky because he is being supported by a number of well-known Nigerians.

Bobrisky retaliated by snapping at VeryDarkman and threatening to release damaging information if the activist persisted in meddling in his personal matters.

In a recent video that was uploaded to VeryDarkMan’s page, he is shown asking Nigerian police and other government representatives in an effort to find out why the transgender person appears to be receiving protection.

He mentioned specific clauses from the nation’s constitution that stipulate that a minimum of ten years in prison shall be served by anyone found to be publicly showing affection for a person of the same gender.

Additionally, he showed video proof of several occasions when Bobrisky publicly participated in amorous behavior with individuals of the same sex.

Watch video here


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