Bobrisky responds to Verydarkman, who demands his arrest, saying, “Why won’t you be pained I earn more money.”

After Controversial  Verydarkman demanded that Nigerian transvestite Idris Okuneye, better known by his stage name Bobrisky, be arrested, the activist has not stopped disparaging the activist.

After Verydarkman, real name Martins Otse, questioned why Bobrisky was still allowed to travel the country and claimed that some law makers were patronizing him, the two got into a heated online dispute.

The self-described “Mummy of Lagos,” however, took to Instagram to criticize him after he threatened to expose Verydarkman’s dirty background.

Seemingly unsatisfied with Bobrisky’s response, Verydarkman took to social media to keep contacting senators and other law enforcement officers to demand Bobrisky’s arrest.

Recent events revealed to Bob that Verydarkman was just angry at his prosperous lifestyle and was cursing him severely.

Nonetheless, he uploaded a video in which VDM brazenly advertised his hustle as a hooker and disclosed his service fee.

Bobrisky captioned the video,

“And who told him he’s now rich ? You are still broke bro. Are you not seeing ur room looking like shrine ? If police want to arrest anyone they should start from our no 1 prick seller President (very dark unfortunate boy ). You give man hand job or you no give ? Ogun wan Kpa ur mama ni ? Wait first Shey na that small Gbola we all saw you dey advertise like dis ? Lmao hungry boy.”

“Why won’t you be pained I’m making more money and i don’t have to disgrace myself like dis to stay relevant. If you think Bob will run for you or won’t respond to you then ur mother must be m*d. Same way you no get shame me self no get”.


“I didn’t reply you yesterday evening because i was busy making money. I know you are following me with ur fake account, if not how do you see me flaunting dollars here ? read dis write up over and over I’m here to stay and win and i don’t have to sell nude to anyone like you do”.

Reacting to the post…


@drwaltz1960 said, “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones Mummy of Lagos Vs Daddy of Abuja”.

@vicky_6nation said, “Why you Dey insult his parents ? Why can’t you just talk without involving parents ?”

@rabiusarumi said, “Who go settled this matter bayi , let me run to vawulence head quarters”.

@onyxgodwin said, “Which gbola get level? Hopefully not his own that leaked?! cos it was ug!y AF”.

@big_treshlyn said, “He doesn’t know where to draw the line now he has messed with the wrong person mummy of Lagos for a reason he’s gonna learn in a hard wayyyyyy”.

Watch the video here

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