Venita Akpofure Responds as Vee Iye Tags Her as a ‘F000l at 40’ Over Neo and Beauty’s Relationship

Former BBNaija participant Venita Akpofure has counseled her teammate Vee Iye to move on from the past. This is in response to Vee calling Venita a “fool at forty.”

The argument erupted when Vee posted a picture of her new romantic partner and Venita liked a tweet condemning Vee, implying that she had moved on.

Following the release of a picture of Vee’s ex-boyfriend Neo Akpofure with his new girlfriend Beauty, many accused Vee of showing off her new relationship.

Venita turned to social media to implore Vee to forgive her and move on after she insulted her.

According to her:

“I’m not Jesus. I cannot perform miracles and I cannot raise Lazarus from the dead. Namaste 🙏🏽. The past SHOULD stay exactly where it belongs…in the very stiff back.”


See the tweet below:

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