“Why you no like me?” – Destiny Etiko shouts in a widely shared video.

Nigerian actress Destiny Etiko fiercely addressed people she thought were scheming against her in a widely shared video.

The actress questioned their intentions and why her success created jealousy rather than encouragement.

She denied that they wanted her to fail and that they would gain anything from her being gone.

Parts of what she said were;

“Why you no like me? Why my little progress they pepper you for body, Why you no want make I dey move forward, you want make I die?, you will carry the oil wey dey my head put for your own?, it can’t work?”

In her impassioned statement, Destiny Etiko posed provocative questions to those who condemn her.

When her cherished mother passes away, she wondered if they would be prepared to step up and take up her mother’s responsibilities.

She also inquired as to whether they would be allowed to represent her name in her absence.

Happily, but firmly, Destiny highlighted that there is enough room in the world for everyone to follow their dreams and succeed without turning to resentment and jealousy.

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