Why single mothers have difficulty finding companions – Joselyn Dumas

Joselyn Dumas, an actress and television presenter, has been candid about the challenges faced by single mothers in negotiating the intricacies of romantic relationships.

Joselyn Dumas recently told a personal tale on her YouTube channel about a buddy who was reluctant to date a lady who had a child because he didn’t want to be the father of a child who wasn’t biological.

Dumas claims that this kind of thinking is a major barrier to love for single moms, who frequently run into prejudice because of their parental status.

As single mothers, We have our kids as single mothers but we still want to be happy. We still want to date other people.”Dumas explained.

She related an incident in which she spoke with her buddy Anthony, who vehemently stated,”I will never be with someone who has a child.”

His reason was: “Why would I come and raise somebody else’s child? That’s not my bloodline. He doesn’t have any trace of my DNA in him. Why am I going to now help someone’s bloodline grow? What about mine?”

Dumas analyzed how this viewpoint keeps many mothers in the single position.

According to her, stereotypes regarding single mothers’ capacity for enduring relationships are frequently the root of the prejudice that exists in society against them.

And I said to myself that this is the reason why a lot of single mothers are single with their children” she said.

She also mentioned adoption, to which Dumas objected, asking how different people’s perspectives on raising a kid who isn’t biological varied.

She questioned, “Is adoption really that different?” She believed that the biological perspective should not be used to judge the love and dedication needed to raise a child.

I asked him, ‘What about adoption?’ And he said that’s different. But if you ask me, it’s not that different,” she said.


Joselyn Dumas emphasized that: “Single mothers often choose to raise their children alone out of sacrifice and necessity, not because they prefer a single life.”


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