Despite Real Madrid’s interest, Haaland is apparently set for a contract extension with Manchester City.

Notwithstanding his connections to Real Madrid, a major Spanish team, Erling Haaland is apparently planning to extend his contract with Manchester City.

The Norwegian’s future is still up in the air; Madrid is supposedly his next stop, even though Kylian Mbappe is expected to arrive.

However, Mbappe’s arrival can have an impact on the City striker’s plans.

Haaland reportedly considered a move to Real Madrid in 2025 after playing for Manchester City for three seasons under Pep Guardiola.

Concerns exist, meanwhile, over Real Madrid’s capacity to pay Haaland and Mbappe’s salaries without going against financial fair play rules.

Even with the continued ties to Real Madrid, Haaland and Rafaela Pimenta, his agent, are reportedly willing to talk about extending their contract with Manchester City past 2025.

They also want the new contract to have a release clause. Haaland’s future at Manchester City has been strongly correlated with Guardiola’s stint there.

Haaland’s plans could be affected by the outcome of Guardiola’s contract extension, which is presently set to expire in 2025.

Furthermore, Haaland might look into other options if Manchester City is hit with harsh sanctions for their purported infringement of Premier League rules.

Even if Real Madrid’s finances seem secure, signing both Mbappe and Haaland would probably require player sales to offset significant transfer costs.

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