“Having money doesn’t equal having connections” – Verydarkman ridicules Bobrisky.

Controversial online activist Verydarkman has stepped up his criticism on prominent Nigerian cross-dresser Bobrisky, implying the latter’s supposed lack of ‘connections’ and advocating respect for the law.

Verydarkman used his Instagram page to criticize folks who claim to have connections in particular places but fall short in the capital.

His words, although not specifically name Bobrisky, made it clear who he was criticizing.

Bobrisky has been the focus of Verydarkman’s investigation since his detention, with the activist regularly implying inside knowledge about Bobrisky’s purported ties.

The activist stressed the significance of following the law when using one’s contacts.

He emphasized that having riches does not always imply having influential connections, an apparent reference to Bobrisky, who has frequently flaunted his fortune on social media channels.

In his words:

The truth be say if you get connection for state make sure say you get for capital, and also for your connection to work make sure you respect the law, not against the law, lastly having money doesn’t equal having connections.”


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