“How Funke Akindele saved my mother from fibroids” – Olayode Juliana speaks out amid the turmoil.

Olayode Juliana, a Nigerian actress best known for her part in the hit TV series “Jenifa’s Diary,” has stepped up to defend her boss, Funke Akindele, following charges of mistreatment.

The dispute erupted after claims were made by the late Jumoke Aderounmu’s brother, who had previously appeared in the same production.

Jumoke Aderounmu’s brother stated that Funke Akindele did not reply to their requests for help when his sister was sick.

However, Olayode Juliana’s post illuminates a different side of the event, highlighting Funke Akindele’s extraordinary deeds of generosity.

According to Juliana’s Instagram post, Funke Akindele played a critical part in saving her mother’s life when she was suffering from fibroids.

Juliana conveyed her heartfelt appreciation to Funke Akindele, detailing how the actress emptied her personal account to guarantee Juliana’s mother received prompt care at a private hospital.

In her words:

Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaa @funkejenifaakindele Olufunke Omo Akindele, the one who the Lord delights in.

The apple of God’s eyes, the one who has found favor in the sight of God, the one who God has clothed with so much grace and glory, the one who God has enthroned!!! The one whose path is like a shinning light, the one whose light can not be dimmed!

Olufunke Omo Akindele, the one who has gone through fire and came out without smelling like smoke, a strong woman, a resilient woman, an amazon, a phenomenal woman, a pace setter, a record breaker, a good woman.

My mum would have died of fibroid years ago, had you not emptied your account to make sure that she was taken to a private hospital and treated immediately.

You do a lot of good but you don’t post about it, you don’t do it for publicity, a lot of people are on your payroll, you have done so much, instagram caption would not be enough to talk about it.

You have worked so hard to be where you are and God backed you up. You will never fall and you will never fail, the mighty hand of God will continue to carry for the rest of your life.

You, your children and everything that concerns you is covered by God!!!!


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