“On top how much” – Reactions to a video featuring Lizzy Gold filming in a river

A video of well-known Nollywood actress Lizzy Gold filming a scene in a river has gone viral online.

Without a doubt, Junior Pope’s passing has raised awareness of the risks associated with shooting in riverine environments without taking the necessary precautions.

Along with four other crew members, the actor perished in a boat accident while traveling over the Anam River in Anambra.

Lizzy Gold, who looked to be portraying a water goddess and was clothed in white, was forced to enter the river in the viral video.

Even though she was being held and guided tightly by two men, she couldn’t help but fidget, especially after being instructed to submerge her face in the water for a short while.

Online users responded to the video with a range of criticisms, many of them criticizing the performers and directors for taking such a risk.


See few reactions here;

One @judithomotuyole wrote: “If the real owner of that water come out now them go japa like goats.”

yash_gold_coding wrote: “Untop how much? It reach 50k?”

peterwy4485 wrote: “Crocodile fit Dey inside that river.”

ventenaturals_faforlife wrote: “God am scared for her for how much.”

neerahsenterprise wrote: “Like I don’t get too risky.”

everythingbody.by.esty wrote: “Wetin be this bayi?”

melvic_collection wrote: “😂😂😂😂😂Nigerian OMG.”

grandpackevents wrote: “The wave no gree allow me enter😂😂😂😂 DJ Ykay😂😂😂😂.”


See video here;

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