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How many is life? (Melo laye)

How do I surmount KARMA and engaged in the journey of life?

Life is a journey which comprises destiny and fate.

Destiny is when one has no control over life situations you will just accept.

The objective of life is to attained the highest goal.

Surely, we don’t have all the time in the world.


Sometimes, I spend my time with people who inspire, encourage and empower me.

Sometimes, I found myself surrounded by people who criticize, condemn, complain, nag and bitch.

Human can be wicked.

Human can be heartless.

Some people acted like they care and yet stabbed.

Sometimes people I love wholeheartedly acted like an antagonist.

Out of contempt, the potash was thrown into water.

Out of contempt, the salt was mixed up in sand.

Out of wickedness, people did bad.

Life is a war and together we shall wage it


When one thrown in a stone in the market, it end up hitting one’s family.

So it’s true that when a person has two evils, such will shoulder one.

You dip pit for someone but you fell in it instead.

You ate the forbidden food and clean your mouth but you are feeling the pain.

That life for you!


How many is life that we are hating?

How many is life that we are bitching?

What for?

If there is love everywhere, life will be peaceful.


I'm just the grey area.

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