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Damilare is a biochemistry student who has been independent even before gaining admission into higher institution. He is into musicals, teaching and event planning. I know youre wondering how all that can be possible to handle with a course like biochemistry, I didnt even mention that he is a student with a strong second-class grade point average. Read and know how he is pulling all these strings as a student.

STREETCATED: What is your name?
Damilare: I am Owoeye Damilare Samson.
STREETCATED: Where do you school?
Damilare: Olabisi onabanjo university.
STREETCATED: What kind of business do you do?
Damilare: I am into a lot of businesses…….professionally Im into musicals which involve singing for your weddings, burial ceremony, birthdays, praise nights, concerts and also into event planning and management.
On a part time basis, Im into teaching in secondary schools and also do registrations for NECO, WAEC, GCE and JAMB.

STREETCATED: How did you start all this?
Damilare: I have always wanted to be independent all my life because Im the first and only male child of my family. When you are surrounded by sisters… You see the reason why you need to be responsible and have vision for the future. I then gave myself up for serious training in the two fields.
Then it became official and also source of my income since my dad has been seriously sick since 2016 and finally left me Oct 21,2017.
A need to survive….to cater for siblings…. Check out for my fees and rents prompted me to work more and enjoy what I do to the fullest.
STREETCATED: That’s a lot of things to start as a student. How did it all start?
Im just curious because I have seen students who complain that the time given is not enough to even cover school work.
Damilare: Time is really the best gift I have gotten from God. To my teaching jobs…. the first thing I consider is my timetable @school…. looking at this semester, most of my lectures start 9am then a break of 2 hours between the hours of 12 to 2 then lecture again from 2 to 4pm.
With this, I reached an agreement with the schools on the time I will be available…. Every day, I leave 7am to teach then return back to class 9am….leave when its break again and return back to school.
Immediately I finish by 4pm, I relax for about 30 minutes then go to home lessons again. I go back home late at night… Relax, eat, sleep for a while, and read through school work again.
STREETCATED: So, you consider time as an asset and you’re always on the move?
What happens to the student life and all that fun attached to being idle?
Damilare: Yes… always on the move and you know it also takes a lot of time and skills to excel too in musicals and event management. I enjoy what I do….so its a lot of fun for me.
STREETCATED: Why this life of hustling even as a full-time student?
Damilare: I don’t call it hustling… I see it as a sense of responsibility, I get whatever I want without calling anybody for help and I said it earlier… I have a lot of responsibilities Im shouldering.

STREETCATED: So as a student, you already decided that you want to be responsible and not dependent on anyone?
Damilare: Its been two years now… I have been living an independent life and also catering for other people.
STREETCATED: Thats awesome.
Did you start with a fixed capital or no capital at all?
Damilare: Started with no capital. I started with determination and zeal for what I have in mind to do.
Most of us wait to get a lot of money to start something great but I tell you sir, the little you have now is enough to start with.

STREETCATED: So how do you schedule your time for other businesses like musicals and event planning?
Damilare: I still had a naming yesterday and a birthday anniversary by 1pm today. I only attend to this every weekend.
STREETCATED: That’s another pay day for you. How do you read with all these things you do?
Damilare: Reading is something I enjoy doing at nights… Burning the night oil usually makes up for the time I use for daily business.
STREETCATED: Interesting…
What do a person need to start with?
Damilare: 1. God
2. A sense of responsibility.
3. Determination and commitment.
4. The friends or relationship you keep.
5. Then little capital too.
STREETCATED: In just two years, you engaged in musicals, teaching and event planning, how has been the outcome?
Damilare: It has really been great… On my fees and rent, I pay 200k for that yearly.
My expenses for the month, transport and feeding is over 30k.
My other siblings and people I cater too for, over 15k per month sir
You see… That’s a huge outcome.
STREETCATED: What is the name of the band?
Did you create the band group?
Damilare: Yes, I did…. It is called MJ consults.
STREETCATED: Impressive. I think I need to emulate you.
How did it all start?
Damilare: It started from secondary school. Then I was opportuned to be the choir Coordinator of my church… Learnt a lot from that.
STREETCATED: So, working for God actually gave you the assurance that this is a thing to do?
Damilare: Yes …that was why I made God first… He should be the source of inspiration to everyone.

STREETCATED: What are the processes involve in creating a band and how does it work?
Damilare: 1. Getting familiar with lots of instrumentalists…
2. Dedicating your time to listening to lots of different styles of music.
3. Getting yourself updated and seeing what is in vogue.
STREETCATED: How’s your performance in school?
Are you lagging behind?
Damilare: No… I really bless God… Am still on a very high 2:1 by His grace.

STREETCATED: What’s your source of inspiration?
Damilare: God sir

STREETCATED: What are the challenges you do face and how do you overcome these challenges?
Damilare: Sometimes I feel tired, but best friend is always there to gear me up.
STREETCATED: Best friend?
Damilare: Yes, she’s Adekoya Similoluwa…. ASA glamworld
STREETCATED: She is into business too?

Damilare: Yes, she’s into jewellery, body sprays, perfumes, wigs, human hair and all.

STREETCATED: Were there times you felt discouraged?
Damilare: No.
STREETCATED: How often do you guys perform musically in a week or month?
Damilare: Once or twice in a week.
STREETCATED: In your opinion, can doing business in school affect you positively or negatively?
Damilare: Positively. It gets you prepared for the future and having a business while schooling has been a blessing to many.
STREETCATED: True, but some people leave school to actually go into business because they needed money.
Did you leave to do business for a while or it has been both together?
Damilare: It has been both together. Coming back to school later may seem difficult later on.

STREETCATED: How do you get you customers?
Damilare: When you perform well in shows, people get to link you to other people and branding has really helped my group.
STREETCATED: That’s great, how did you guys brand your group to really make people call on you for shows?
Damilare: We are group of young guys…. putting education into juju music…. dressings for shows made us unique.

STREETCATED: What are the risk you take in this business you’re into?
Damilare: Lots of risks… There are times you get little amount from bookings hoping you get much from the party but at the end, its not something tangible so we take from savings and pay band guys…. thats just one of the major risk we take.
STREETCATED: What is your own definition of music?
Damilare: Pleasing sound that gives me happiness…. Its my antidote to problems.

STREETCATED: What is event planning all about?
Damilare: Its not something I can talk about for a day sir…planning is in two ways… its either you are a planner or Cordinator. In general, it means managing any social or corporate events.
Learning to work with different vendors…. beddings and decoration, musicals, hairstyling, technical and a lot more.
Writing out your checklist, budgeting and making sure you not running at a loss and still giving the best event.
STREETCATED: What did you deprive yourself to be able to do all this?
Damilare: A lot of things… no time for parties, making unnecessary friends and sincerely sleeping too.
STREETCATED: The dream must be bigger than sleep itself.
How do you find time to catch fun?
Damilare: Fun….when I see need to be alive…. I invite my best friend over… we make nice meals… see movies together, plays songs together and feel the beat together…. The musicals i do itself is fun.
STREETCATED: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Damilare: I see myself in lecturing job with government…. I see MJ_CONSULTS rated one of the best in Nigeria to start with. Combining the two is odd right? But I tell you …. Come next 5 years you will be amazed.
STREETCATED: What’s your advice to students who wants to have a start up like you?
Damilare: Talk to God first….am sure he’s going to order your steps. Know your talents or potentials and begin to work on them, I mean grow then look for a way to commercialize them.
STREETCATED: Wed like to have your social media handles in case people would like to reach you, and get to see what youve done with this wonderful business and of cause patronize you
Damilare: Facebook: it’s_dahmie praise team
Instagram: MJ_consults
STREETCATED: Thanks for your time. I hope when next we call you, youll be very much available
Damilare: Very much.

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